Nightmare on 3rd Street
           haunted House
                                 2013 was a record breaker for us!    
                                                    Without all of you we couldnt have such a great event!

  As usual, we couldnt leave well enough alone!  We again have revamp a big portion of the haunt and have added some awesome scares.  I wonder each year how we are going to be able to top it but with all of our dedicated crew I think we have done it again! 

Be sure to contact us if you would like a great acting job!  Remember, we are all volunteers so you wont get paid but you will have lots of fun!  We are looking for people that would be excited about the possibility of scaring people out of their shoes! 

We have added a couple new rooms so be sure to visit us this year to see all the new scares we have instore for you.

All proceeds go too fund the D.A.R.E and G.R.E.A.T. programs taught to the students in the Ottumwa School District.  The volunteers that build the haunt spend hundreds of hours preparing it to give you a real show!  So, come visit us and show your support to these great programs.

Again this year....  the haunted house is involved with Ottumwa Zombie Fest 2014.
We will  be judging a Zombie Costume Contest!   This should prove to be so much fun so come join in the festivities.  Dress up, have fun then come to the haunted house and be scared!

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